Plans Built For You

  • ONE single input format to deal with
  • Existing hardware and software, using applications like WireCast, Flash Live Media Encoder and many other options
  • Powerful multi-zone deployments, load balancing, redundacy and the industries best support
  • Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
  • Support Set-Top-Box Live streaming! Roku, GoogleTV, Boxxee and many others...
  • Stream Quality up to 3.5 Mbps (contact our sales if higher quality is needed)

STANDARD First 50 Hours $5.00 /per hr.
  First 450 Hours $3.50 /per hr.
ENTERPRISE Next 500 Hours $2.50 /per hr.
  Next 4,000 Hours $2.00 /per hr.

How are StreamOrigin Live Transcoding hours calculated?

  • Live transcoding starts at a base rate of $5 per hour. Usage is tracked in minutes every month and rounded up to the next hour at the end of the billing period.
  • As accumulated monthly usage reaches the next level, you will move down the pricing tiers automatically.
  • When determining number of hours used, both the input and output streams are included. For example, a 1-hour event encoded to 2 RTMP + 2 HLS will be charged for 5 hours of encoding (1 input + 4 output).
  • For resolutions greater than 1280x720, the HD input and output renditions are billed at a rate of 2x. For example, a 1-hour HD input stream encoded into one HD output stream will be charged as 4 hours of encoding.
  • A maximum duration of up to 12 hours is allotted for each input stream with the rates provided above. 24x7 live streaming is available - please contact us for custom pricing.
  • For high volume encoding rates or for information on discounts for annual commitments, please contact us.

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“The stream looked great and went smoothly. We look forward to doing more live events!”
Andrea C. Stream Origin Client